Factorial Program in Java

In this post we’ll see a Java program to find the factorial of a number.

Factorial of a non-negative integer n is product of all positive integers less than or equal to n.

For example – 5! = 5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1 = 120

Factorial program in Java

Factorial program in Java can be written as both iterative as well as recursive solution. In this post both of the solutions are given.

Factorial program using iteration

In iterative logic you can start a for loop with the entered number and decrease it by 1 in each iteration. What you need is the multiplication of all the numbers in the loop.


Factorial program in Java using recursion

In the recursive logic to write factorial Java program, you need to call the same method recursively passing the (number – 1) as parameter every time until the base case (number = 1) is reached.


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