Generic Bubble Sort Java Program

In this post we’ll see how to write a Bubble Sort program as a Generic class in Java which can be used with arrays of different data types.

Bubble Sort- Java Generic class

In the generic class used for Bubble Sort we use a bounded parameter to restrict the type to be of type Comparable. That is done as we do need to compare the elements for sorting for which compareTo() method of the Comparable is used.

import java.util.Arrays;

public class BubbleSortGeneric<T extends Comparable<? super T>> {
  T[] array;
  BubbleSortGeneric(T[] array){
    this.array = array;
  private T[] bubbleSort(){
    for(int i = array.length; i > 1; i--){
      for(int j = 0; j < i - 1; j++){
        //if greater swap elements
        if(array[j].compareTo(array[j+1]) > 0){
          swapElements(j, array);
    return array;
  private void swapElements(int index, T[] arr){
    T temp = arr[index];
    arr[index] = arr[index+1];
    arr[index+1] = temp;        
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Integer[] intArr = {47, 85, 62, 34, 7, 10, 92, 106, 2, 54};
    BubbleSortGeneric<Integer> bsg1 = new BubbleSortGeneric<Integer>(intArr);
    Integer[] sa1 = bsg1.bubbleSort();
    System.out.println("Sorted array- " + Arrays.toString(sa1)); 
    String[] strArr = {"Earl", "Robert", "Asha", "Arthur"};
    BubbleSortGeneric<String> bsg2 = new BubbleSortGeneric<>(strArr);
    String[] sa2 = bsg2.bubbleSort();
    System.out.println("Sorted array- " + Arrays.toString(sa2));


Sorted array- [2, 7, 10, 34, 47, 54, 62, 85, 92, 106]
Sorted array- [Arthur, Asha, Earl, Robert]

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