How to Unzip a File in Java

When you zip a file in Java there are code changes based on whether you are zipping a file or you are zipping a folder in Java where the whole directory structure is archived. But unzipping a file in Java doesn’t need such different functionalities. One Java program to unzip a file takes care of all the different functionalities.

Unzip a file – Java program

To unzip a file you need to follow the following steps-

  • Read the compressed file from the zipped archive. For that class is used.
  • From the ZipInputStream, zip entries for the files and directories are read using getNextEntry() method.
  • If the entry is for a directory then you just need to create the directory. If the entry is for file then read the content of the file and write it to the destination file.
  • Close the current entry using the closeEntry() method.
  • Once all the zip entries are iterated close the input and output streams.

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