Core Java Tutorials – Advanced

Java Collections Framework

  1. Java Collections Framework Tutorial
  2. Fail-fast And Fail-safe Iterators in Java
  3. Comparable Vs Comparator in Java


  1. ArrayList in Java
  2. Different Ways to Iterate an ArrayList in Java
  3. ListIterator in Java
  4. ArrayList Internal Implementation in Java
  5. LinkedList Internal Implementation in Java
  6. How to Remove Element From ArrayList in Java
  7. How to Remove Duplicate Elements From ArrayList in Java
  8. How to Sort ArrayList in Java
  9. How to Sort ArrayList of Objects in Java
  10. How to Synchronize ArrayList in Java
  11. How to Convert ArrayList to Array in Java
  12. How to Convert Array to ArrayList in Java
  13. ArrayList Vs LinkedList in Java


  1. HashSet in Java
  2. LinkedHashSet in Java
  3. TreeSet in Java
  4. Different Ways to Iterate a HashSet in Java
  5. HashSet Internal Implementation in Java
  6. How to Sort HashSet in Java
  7. How to Synchronize HashSet in Java
  8. HashSet Vs LinkedHashSet Vs TreeSet in Java


  1. HashMap in Java
  2. LinkedHashMap in Java
  3. TreeMap in Java
  4. Different Ways to Iterate a HashMap in Java
  5. HashMap Internal Implementation in Java
  6. How to Sort HashMap in Java
  7. How to Synchronize HashMap in Java
  8. HashMap Vs LinkedHashMap Vs TreeMap Vs HashTable in Java

Java MultiThreading

  1. Multithreading in Java
  2. How to Create And Start Thread in Java
  3. Main Thread in Java
  4. Daemon Thread in Java
  5. Life Cycle of a Thread (Thread States) in Java
  6. Thread Priority in Java
  7. Thread Group in Java
  8. Can we Start a Thread Twice in Java
  9. Can we Override start() Method in Java
  10. Can we Directly Call run() Method Instead of Calling start() Method in Java
  11. Synchronization in Java Using Synchronized Keyword
  12. Static Synchronization in Java
  13. wait(), notify() And notifyAll() Methods in Java
  14. Why wait(), notify() And notifyAll() Methods Are in Object Class
  15. Why wait(), notify() and notifyAll() Methods Must be Called From a Synchronized Method or Block
  16. Thread Interruption in Java
  17. Race Condition in Java
  18. Deadlock in Java
  19. Thread Starvation in Java
  20. Livelock in Java Multi-Threading
  21. isAlive() And join() Methods in Java
  22. Sleep Method in Java Multi-Threading
  23. Difference Between sleep() And wait() Methods in Java
  24. Difference Between sleep() And yield() Methods in Java
  25. ThreadLocal Class in Java
  26. Volatile Keyword in Java

Java Concurrency Utils

Concurrent Collections
  1. ConcurrentHashMap in Java
  2. CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java
  3. CopyOnWriteArraySet in Java With Examples
  4. ConcurrentSkipListMap in Java
  5. ConcurrentSkipListSet in Java
  6. Difference Between ArrayList And CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java
  7. Difference Between HashMap And ConcurrentHashMap in Java
  1. Semaphore in Java Concurrency
  2. CountDownLatch in Java
  3. CyclicBarrier in Java
  4. Exchanger in Java
  5. Phaser in Java
  6. Difference Between CountDownLatch And CyclicBarrier in Java
  1. ReentrantLock in Java
  2. ReentrantReadWriteLock in Java
  3. Difference Between Synchronized And ReentrantLock in Java
  1. ArrayBlockingQueue in Java
  2. LinkedBlockingQueue in Java
  3. PriorityBlockingQueue in Java
  4. SynchronousQueue in Java
  5. DelayQueue in Java
  6. LinkedTransferQueue in Java
  7. ConcurrentLinkedQueue in Java
  8. LinkedBlockingDeque in Java
  9. ConcurrentLinkedDeque in Java
  1. Java Callable And Future With Examples
  2. Difference Between Runnable And Callable in Java
  3. How to Convert a Runnable into a Callable in Java
  4. Java CompletableFuture With Examples
  5. Java Executor Tutorial – Executor, ExecutorService, ScheduledExecutorService
  6. Java ThreadPoolExecutor – Thread Pool with ExecutorService
  7. Java ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor – Scheduling With ExecutorService
Atomic Classes
  1. AtomicInteger in Java With Examples

Lambda Expressions in Java

  1. Lambda Expressions in Java With Examples
  2. Functional Interface in Java
  3. Variable Scope in Java Lambda Expression
  4. Exception Handling With Java Lambda Expressions
  5. Method Reference in Java

Java 5 Features

  1. Static Import in Java
  2. Covariant Return Type in Java

Java Interview Questions

  1. Java Exception Handling Interview Questions And Answers
  2. Java Multithreading Interview Questions And Answers

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