Core Java Tutorials – Beginner

Java – First Steps

  1. Installing Java in Ubuntu
  2. Installing Java in Windows
  3. Writing First Java Program – Hello World
  4. Primitive Data Types in Java
  5. Variables in Java
  6. Methods in Java
  7. Package in Java

Java OOPS Concepts

  1. Abstraction in Java
  2. Encapsulation in Java
  3. Inheritance in Java
  4. Polymorphism in Java
  5. Difference Between Encapsulation And Abstraction in Java
  6. Method Overloading in Java
  7. Method Overriding in Java
  8. Interface in Java
  9. Abstract Class in Java
  10. Difference Between Interface And Abstract Class in Java

Operators in Java

  1. Assignment, Arithmetic And Unary Operators in Java
  2. Equality And Relational Operators in Java
  3. Difference Between “==” Operator And equals() Method in Java
  4. Conditional Operators in Java
  5. Ternary Operator in Java
  6. instanceof Operator in Java

Conditional Statements in Java

  1. Java if-else Statement With Examples
  2. Java switch case Statement With Examples
  3. Java break Statement With Examples
  4. Java Continue Statement With Examples

Loops in Java

  1. for Loop in Java With Examples
  2. while Loop in Java With Examples
  3. do-while loop in Java With Examples

Java Class And Object

  1. Class in Java
  2. Object in Java
  3. Constructor in Java
  4. Constructor Overloading in Java
  5. Constructor Chaining in Java
  6. Initializer Block in Java
  7. Object Cloning in Java Using clone() Method
  8. Shallow Copy Vs Deep Copy in Java Object Cloning

Java Basics

  1. Why main Method static in Java
  2. File Name Same as Class Name in Java
  3. Java Pass by Value or Pass by Reference
  4. Access Modifiers in Java
  5. Object Class in Java
  6. finalize() Method in Java
  7. Wrapper Class in Java
  8. Type Casting And Type Conversion in Java
  9. Cannot Make a Static Reference to The Non-static Method or Field
  10. Static Method Overloading And Overriding in Java
  11. Static Block in Java
  12. Java var Type (Local Variable Type Inference)
  13. Array in Java
  14. JShell in Java
  15. Java BigDecimal Class With Examples

Java Keywords

  1. final in Java With Examples
  2. static in Java With Examples
  3. super in Java With Examples
  4. this in Java With Examples

Interface in Java

  1. Interface in Java
  2. Marker Interface in Java
  3. Default Methods in Java Interface
  4. Static Methods in Java Interface
  5. Private Methods in Java Interface

String in Java

  1. Java String Class With Method Examples
  2. Java StringBuffer With Method Examples
  3. Java StringBuilder With Method Examples
  4. Java StringJoiner Class With Method Examples
  5. Constant String Pool in Java
  6. Why String is Immutable in Java
  7. Is Java String Thread Safe
  8. Compact Strings in Java 9
  9. Java String length() Method With Examples
  10. Compare Two Strings in Java – equals, compareTo() methods
  11. Search String in Another String in Java – indexOf, lastIndexOf, contains methods
  12. Java String – substring() Method Example
  13. Java String charAt() Method
  14. Remove Spaces From a String in Java – trim(), strip()
  15. Java String toLowerCase() And toUpperCase() Methods
  16. Check if a String is Null or Empty in Java
  17. Java String intern() Method
  18. Java String split() Method
  19. Java String join() Method With Examples
  20. Java String matches() Method
  21. Java String replace Method With Examples
  22. Java String valueOf() Method With Examples
  23. Java String repeat() Method

Exception Handling in Java

  1. Exception Handling Tutorial in Java
  2. try-catch Block in Java Exception Handling
  3. Multiple Catch Blocks in Java Exception Handling
  4. Finally Block in Java
  5. throw Keyword in Java Exception Handling
  6. throws Clause in Java Exception Handling
  7. Difference Between throw And throws in Java
  8. Exception Propagation in Java
  9. Exception Handling With Method Overriding in Java
  10. Chained Exception in Java
  11. Checked Vs Unchecked Exception in Java
  12. final Vs finally Vs finalize in Java
  13. Multi-Catch Exception in Java
  14. try-with-resources in Java
  15. How to Create Custom Exception Class in Java
  16. Exception Handling Best Practices in Java
  17. StackOverflowError Vs OutOfMemoryError in Java
  18. ClassCastException in Java and Resolution
  19. InputMismatchException in Java and Resolution
  20. UnsupportedClassVersionError in Java and Resolution
  21. ClassNotFoundException in Java
  22. NoClassDefFoundError in Java

Java Interview Questions

  1. Java Exception Handling Interview Questions And Answers
  2. Java Multithreading Interview Questions And Answers

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